If you are interested in adopting a dog or puppy from or shelter please fill out our Dog Pre-adopt Application here online, or you can print a copy and bring it in with you to the shelter. Please be aware that filling out the pre-adopt in no way guarantees adoption of the animal.



You understand by Animal Welfare Law that you must have cats and dogs vaccinated for rabies. Are your animals vaccinated?
You understand that the Society cannot guarantee the behavior or health of this animal. Are you prepared to make this kind of commitmentof your time and money?
You understand the adoption fee is non-refundable. If you return this animal to the Society 10 days after adoption you must pay a surrender fee of $50.
Filling out this application does not guarantee adoption. Our goal is to place animals into permanent, caring, and loving homes. We will do what is best for the animal being considered for adoption. PLease understand that if you are refused for this adoption, it is because it is in the best interest of the animal.

You must bring a cat carrier for your new cat, or we sell cardboard carriers for $5.

By typing your name and checking below you have stated that all the information on this application is true to the best of your knowledge. The Somerset Humane Society has the right to refuse an adoption if it is found that the information on the application is false. (type name below)